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Image Player's name Player's birthdate Player's field position
Andrei Ovidiu PIȚIAN Andrei Ovidiu PIȚIAN 1995-11-16 defensive midfield
Serge NYUIADZI Serge NYUIADZI 1991-09-17 left winger
Kevin Doyle 1983-09-18 striker
Jordan David MUSTOE Jordan David MUSTOE 1991-01-28 left back
Iosif VARGA Iosif VARGA 1941-04-06 striker
Ion Gheorghe IONESCU Ion Gheorghe IONESCU 1938-04-05 striker
Mario Rafaelo PIPOS 2001-02-02 central midfield
Valentin Alexandru SIMION Valentin Alexandru SIMION 1986-10-06 striker
Sebastian CULDA 1996-02-09 central midfield
Marco ENCIU 1988-01-26 striker

Here you can find personal and professional details of almost every football player who performed in Romania in the last 70 years

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