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Image Player's name Player's birthdate Player's field position
Daniel OLA 1982-11-23 centre back
Martin ČERNOCH Martin ČERNOCH 1977-11-18 striker
Daniel Johnson 1992-10-08 attacking midfield
Mădălin Florin MARTIN Mădălin Florin MARTIN 1992-06-21 striker
Daniel Ilie BĂLAȘA Daniel Ilie BĂLAȘA 1981-08-06 centre back
Mihai LUCA Mihai LUCA 1988-03-17 goalkeeper
Piotr POLCZAK Piotr POLCZAK 1986-08-25 centre back
ARTHURO Henrique Bernhardt ARTHURO Henrique Bernhardt 1982-08-27 striker
Senin Hyacinthe SEBAI 1993-12-18 central midfield
Cornel Alexandru ENE Cornel Alexandru ENE 1993-07-21 centre back

Here you can find personal and professional details of almost every football player who performed in Romania in the last 70 years