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Image Player's name Player's birthdate Player's field position
Alexandru Viorel AVRAM Alexandru Viorel AVRAM 1991-04-25
Dumitru MORARU Dumitru MORARU 1956-05-08 goalkeeper
Rickie Lambert 1982-02-16 striker
Rafael Ferreira De Souza De Oliveira Amoroso 1989-08-05 striker
Narcis Răduț COMAN Narcis Răduț COMAN 1946-11-05 goalkeeper
Paul Cătălin TINCU Paul Cătălin TINCU 1986-02-26
Ruaridhri Donnelly 1992-02-18 striker
Tudorel Vişan ZAMFIRESCU Tudorel Vişan ZAMFIRESCU 1969-06-05 centre back
Gheorghe GEORGESCU Gheorghe GEORGESCU 1911-07-15 striker
Cristian BARDU 1980-06-21 right midfield

Here you can find personal and professional details of almost every football player who performed in Romania in the last 70 years

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