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Image Player's name Player's birthdate Player's field position
Martin ŽIVNÝ 1981-03-20 centre back
Tiberiu Dragoş STAN Tiberiu Dragoş STAN 1986-11-02 central midfield
Nikica Jelavić 1985-08-27
Adi ROCHA Sobrinho Filho Adi ROCHA Sobrinho Filho 1985-12-15 striker
Denis CIOBOTARIU Denis CIOBOTARIU 1998-06-10 centre back
Cristian Nicolás SÁNCHEZ PRETTE Cristian Nicolás SÁNCHEZ PRETTE 1985-05-10 attacking midfield
Jonathan Walters 1983-09-20 striker
Paulinho Júnior 1988-07-25 central midfield
Bogdan Ionuţ DOBREA 1991-08-27 centre back
Ioan LUPAȘ Ioan LUPAȘ 1914-06-08 midfielder

Here you can find personal and professional details of almost every football player who performed in Romania in the last 70 years

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