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Image Player's name Player's birthdate Player's field position
André Felipe de Souza GALIASSI André Felipe de Souza GALIASSI 1980-08-22 centre back
Ionuț Daniel DRAGOMIR Ionuț Daniel DRAGOMIR 1974-07-04 right back
Adrian STOICOV Adrian STOICOV 1967-11-12 left back
JOÃO DIOGO Gomes de Freitas JOÃO DIOGO Gomes de Freitas 1988-02-28 right back
Pablo Daniel CEPPELINI Gatto Pablo Daniel CEPPELINI Gatto 1991-09-11 central midfield
Ryan Seager 1996-02-05 central midfield
Sever CORACU Sever CORACU 1920-10-02 striker
Adrian Cristinel NEDELEA Adrian Cristinel NEDELEA 1975-10-31 striker
Papa MALICK BA Papa MALICK BA 1980-11-11 defensive midfield
Santiago Cazorla 1984-12-13 mijlocaș dreapta, mijlocaș stânga

Here you can find personal and professional details of almost every football player who performed in Romania in the last 70 years

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